Length  :  86cm  /  34’’
Width  :  24,5cm  /  9.65’’
Wheelbase  :  58/71,5cm   /  23/28’’
Nose  :  4/10,5cm  /  1.5/4’’
Tail  :  3/9,5cm  /  1.2/3.5’’

Big wheelarches
Multiple wheelbases
Light rocker/microdrop
WIGGAplugs compatible
Symetrical shape
Progressive 3 stage concave

As all our boards are handmade with love in France, please be aware that there is a delay of 1 to 3 weeks before shipment.

DECK ONLY. Non-contractual picture.

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As Doc Gyneco said in 98 : “tu joues l’hostile mais y’a pas de zoulette virile”, meaning “you act hostile but there’s no dangerous pussies”

…. Well…

…. Now there is.

Developed with Rémy “MC Alem” Amsalem, this board seems to be like a south women : exotic, delicate and sensual, while displaying a well asserted character !

It is therefore necessary to know how to approach this tigress without being bitten but once the first contact is made you’ll be addicted to it, either :

In high speed downhill : its thinner shape towerd the nose allows your front foot to use the whole deck width and its compatibility with our WIGGAplugs (our 3D under-griptape unique implants that model the geometry and the concave to fit your feet as you wish) will make you litteraly fuse with it enough to confidently throw yourself into a 25% steep road !

In freeride/slide : make yourself at home with numerous wheelbases available (between 23 and 28”), a nice set of slidy wheels, put em sideways while you’re standing on your Zoulette down a hill and just enjoy  the fully controled drifts offered by its light bacon concave and pockets.

Or you can simply carve on that hill or even cruise around on some flat ground with a pair of reactive trucks and four soft wheels.

As you can see, even if they’re subtile, La Zoulette has every required qualities and even more (progressif 3stages concave, multiple wheelbases, large wheelarches, light rocker/microdrop and personnal 3D concave thanks to the WIGGAplugs technologie) to give infinite possibilities.

Now it’s up to you !

(and for you who doesn’t only like to play skateboard in only one way (or just have big feet), have a look to La Perugine, slightly wider and comming with a symetrical shape)

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